Twinkle the butterfly

Once there was a little butterfly called Twinkle. She had just come out of her cocoon and didn't know how to fly. She tried to walk and sat on a flower and had the nectar from the flower. The elder butterflies didn't notice the young butterfly. After a few days a new flower grew next to the old flower that Twinkle was sitting on. Twinkle hopped on to it and had the nectar from that flower. This kept repeating for a few days and Twinkle kept on jumping to new flowers. Finally one elder butterfly saw her and decided to help her. The elder butterfly told her to flap her wings. But Twinkle didn't know what was a wing. The elder butterfly showed her whats a wing and asked her to flap them. Twinkle Flapped her wings and she was finally flying. Twinkle made many friends. She became a very good flyer and became popular with all butterflies.