Colours With Flowers

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Colours with flowers 
Today l made colours with flowers 🌹
It was actually very easy and quick and you can get up to 5-6 variations of colours from just one flower.
It also very interesting to see the reaction of the liquid when you add something to change the colour and is really fun to do :)
Sometimes it fizzes first and sometimes it immediately reacts and fully gets changed very quickly.

I actually just took a few flowers of the same kind and boiled them with little water.
Gradually, I added a little more water but just enough for that flower, because if there is too much water, the colour will become too light and we will not be able to see it properly.
After all the colour is in the water, strain it.
You we now get a beautiful colour. To get more variations you can things like

  1. Baking powder/soda
  2. Vinegar 
  3. Lemon
  4. Etc
We can also try mixing 2 things like vinegar and lemon, etc
We can also try to add other things and see what happens
We can also make colours with vegetables like beet root and red cabbage. You can obtain the colour in the same way.
naturally dyed clothes
natural colours
We can get a whole set of colours in this way. If you want the colour to be thicker (as it is usually like water colour in the beginning), you can put it for boil and add little corn starch to it.
We can dye our clothes or paint with them, anything that we use colours for.
You can also make and colour clay using these dyes.
The vegetable dyes can also be used as food colour.
Synthetic food colours also have lots of harmful substances that we can avoid. Natural dyes, on the other hand, are harmless and beautiful.

We can all use this simple way of making natural colours instead of using synthetic dyes.

Happy Environment Day


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