Essay - how the lockdown has impacted my life

 Essay - how the lockdown has impacted my life

Before the lockdown I had lots of plans since me and my family always go and see places around India and we were planning to go to the north - east this year. The school had also organised a trip to Bhutan. But both these trips were canceled due to the lockdown. For quite a long time we were stuck at home so l joined some classes to learn new languages. Then we went to our village - Kanchupad. We had lots of fun there! Every morning we see so many birds! I am trying to learn all of the birds names but l see new ones everyday! Then there are also many trees. Some of them are very old. For example we have a 60 year old neem tree that my grandfather planted when he was a child. My mother has given us neem twigs to brush our teeth with because they are actually good for our teeth and even though I haven’t ventured as far as trying them yet, l am sure l will try it soon. Thanks to online classes and bad internet l had to sit outside for my classes. I was a bit reluctant at first because I thought that it would be really hot but it was actually nice and cool. My grandfather told me that it is good to sit under a neem tree because it has medicinal properties. He also told me many other facts about many more things. Then there also teak trees, Gulmohar trees, banyan trees and many more. The flowers of the trees are also very beautiful. They are very colourful and vibrant and also smell amazing. Me and my mother experimented with these flowers to try and make natural colours. They turned out beautifully. We could make upto five or more colours with just one flower by adding things that we found in our kitchen like lemon. The other interesting thing that l saw were the bugs. They are all in different shapes and sizes and are actually very colourful. We usually can’t see them because they are camouflaged. Observing them is really fun. There are also many animals like cows, goats, sheep, buffalos, dogs, cats and so many more. We actually have 3 dogs at home and my younger sister who is sever years old wants a lamb. I learned so much more that l cannot write it all down. So overall the lockdown has been an amazing learning experience for me and impacted my life by helping me learn so many things. Although l miss my friends, l am quite happy that l was able to learn so much because of the lockdown. 


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